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Monday, 12 September 2011

City Night Panoramas A short History

Battersea reach  shot on Hasselblad H3d2  with Manfrotto  Panoramic Head  8 secs

These images have  always been  a wonderful  experience for  me.
Originally inspired by an image idea I had many years ago.
I had been commissioned by BT to shoot Woolwich earth station in London.
The brief from the picture editor was ‘Get something powerful and inspired. We have
to have an image by tomorrow!’ As I arrived the rain started pouring, I was young and inexperienced and knew I was being tested. I got on the phone and rented 4 powerful hot lights. My boss had said I was allowed to spend  up to £50.00 to get myself out of the s..t.!

As the light failed and the rain increased I watched as my lights took short but beautiful control of the scene. Just then I realized this was my magic time, as the light failed.

                                                                22 years ago!
                                     Woolwich earth station in December 1987.
                                 Hasselblad 40mm lens 8 secs at f11  kodak 64T                          

The last 25 years I have shot many images at this time, as just for a  few moments, the ever changing city stands still and can be admired in its true beauty with all its make up on!
Here 10 years later was my first London Day to Night  image.  Shot originally as an advert, This image has since sold as editions in various exhibitions I have had.

                        London Day to night image shot  in  January 1997
                        Seitz Roundshot camera  70mm  film  various exposures.
                          Image manipulated on Quantel Paintbox

         London Day to night 2  captured on  Fuji film and Digital Hasselblad.
                    Manipulation on Mac computer with Photoshop.

10 years later again is my second shot from this location. With the Gherkin in ,
and me growing up I realized things are constantly changing in this city. This
viewpoint it likely to be demolished in the future, but the view from the shard
should be quite incredible! I will have to carry on the series from there.

This Series eventually led to  a commission by Knight Frank to photograph 10
Major  cities using my night panoramic techniques.


Manhattan Skyline  Canon 1ds mark 2  and Manfrotto panoramic head


Melbourne   using Canon equipment  and Manfrotto panoramic head

Madrid   using Canon equipment  and Manfrotto panoramic head

Moscow   using Canon equipment  and Manfrotto panoramic head

London   using Hasselblad digital equipment  and Manfrotto panoramic head

Shanghai   using Canon equipment  and Manfrotto panoramic head
Paris   using Canon equipment  and Manfrotto panoramic head

Since then these images have been used by many clients producing marketing
Material for  Creative adverts in the property sector.

This panorama is part of  a range of views shot for St George  to show the ever changing skyline of London.

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